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Damaged Eye – The office of John Stolpe

damaged eye

Damaged Eye in Los Angeles

An eye can be damaged for many reasons. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, nearly 2.5 million people in the U.S. suffer eye injury and damage, every year. Many more get a damaged eye due to disease. Sustaining eye damage can be traumatic and sometimes painful. Replacing it doesn’t have to be. When trauma or disease strikes, ocular specialists may tell a patient that the eye needs to be removed. However, our experience at Advanced Artificial Eyes is that eyes should only be removed if they are causing a risk to life or pain to the patient. If a healthy, damaged eye is left in place, even if it is unseeing, we are able to create a prosthesis with a large amount of mobility. But even in cases of enucleation or exenteration (whole or partial removal of...
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Prosthetic Eyes – John Stolpe, BCO, BADO

prosthetic eyes

Highest Quality Prosthetic Eyes

Prosthetic eyes can help people who have suffered eye trauma or eye loss live normal, "under the radar" lives. At the office of John Stolpe, we understand how much an eye means to the comfort of individuals going about their day, and we work tirelessly to produce the absolute highest quality prosthetic eyes to help each and every one of our patients. While many people believe that prosthetic eyes are only for folks missing an eye, in fact this is not the case. Out of the millions of eye injuries that occur every year, many people keep their eye intact. Though it may lose vision or appear unsightly, eyes can (and should) remain healthy organs within an individual's anatomy. The reason for this is multifold. Ocular health can be better maintained when an eye remains in...
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Artificial Eye – Ocularist John Stolpe

artificial eye

Los Angeles Artificial Eye - John Stolpe Ocularist

An artificial eye can help an individual who has suffered eye trauma or eye loss live a happy, "under the radar" life. At the office of ocularist John Stolpe, we create the highest quality artificial eyes in LA, with a dedication to care that is second to none, helping you get back to living a normal life. John Stolpe comes from 3 generations of ocularists and draws upon his family's legacy of innovation in his own practice. His grandfather helped pioneer the evolution of the artificial eye away from glass and to modern day acrylic, when he was serving as a medic in WWII. Acrylic has several advantages over the glass that was previously commonly used. First, unlike...
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Ocularist – John Stolpe, BCO, BADO


What is an Ocularist?

An ocularist is a medical professional who makes artificial eyes. This may sound like a simple task, but in reality there are many complex and important skills and services that an ocularist should offer in order to make the absolute best piece possible. John Stolpe draws on 3 generations of ocularistry in his practice to continue to innovate in his field, and offer a dedication to care that is second to none. In the past, artificial eyes were made only of glass. John Stolpe's grandfather worked as an ocularist and was key in evolving the field away from glass to modern day acrylic. He served as a medic in WWII, and was forced to improvise when Germany cut off supplies to troops. It turns out that acrylic is a far superior material for 3...
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