In our work at Advanced Artificial Eyes, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to creating artificial eyes. The core of this philosophy is that more heads are better than one. 

We work with oculoplastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, anaplastologists, dentists, contact lens producers and more. Notably we collaborate with other ocularists whom we feel are doing excellent work. We share thoughts on techniques, materials, even the measures we take to make sure our patients are having a psychologically positive experience.

A collaborative approach also includes members of a patient’s family. We take into consideration the stakeholders in our patient’s process — family, children, wife, husband or friends.  We believe in creating a positive, even fun process of working together and this is only possible with an open, caring environment.

We believe in humility at Advanced Artificial Eyes and we know that we can always improve. Therefore we strongly feel that an open, collaborative approach will yield better results for our patients than closed competition. Our mission is to work with the best and the brightest, whether that person happens to be a another ocualrist, a painter, plastic manufacturer or psychologist. The highest level of success is constantly striving to do our best.