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Damaged Eye in Los Angeles

damaged eyeWhat is a damaged eye? An eye can be damaged for many reasons. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, nearly 2.5 million people in the U.S. suffer eye injury and damage, every year. Many more get a damaged eye due to disease. Sustaining eye damage can be traumatic and sometimes painful. Replacing it doesn’t have to be.

When trauma or disease strikes, ocular specialists may tell a patient that the eye needs to be removed. However, our experience at Advanced Artificial Eyes is that eyes should only be removed if they are causing a risk to life or pain to the patient. If a healthy, damaged eye is left in place, even if it is unseeing, we are able to create a prosthesis with a large amount of mobility. But even in cases of enucleation or exenteration (whole or partial removal of an eye), we can help.

When an eye has been damaged, it is extremely important first and foremost that a patient take time to rest and recover. The first weeks following the damage may be an extremely difficult time. Psychological therapy is often helpful in coping during this period. Along with emotional healing, a patient will likely have many other concerns. How do you live with eye loss from a practical standpoint? Walking? Driving? And is it ever possible to feel normal again, like you fit into society?

The answer to that last question is yes for many, many patients. Thanks to major advances in technology, the office of John Stolpe is able to reproduce the look of your other eye with an incredible amount of detail and fidelity. Our dedicated staff do not stop working for you until we get a solution that is the absolute best possible. One of our patients, JJ, lost an eye at a young age. Please watch his video testimonial to see how normal it truly is possible to look and feel with artificial eyes from ocularist john stolpe.

The office of John Stolpe is pushing forward the technology of ocular prosthetics dramatically by manufacturing the highest quality digital irises and scleral shells. In the future, we believe these advances will mean that the field of ocularistry will focus more on shape and movement than it does on color. Read more about our technological advances here. John Stolpe comes from 3 generations of ocularists, and takes pride in pushing his field forward.

There are many patients with a damaged eye who are unaware of how much an ocular prosthetic can help them get back to living a normal, happy life. While we are excited about everything we are achieving for our patient on an aesthetic and technical basis, and we truly get the greatest joy out of helping individuals feel better, each and every day. We believe that from the moment you enter our office, you will understand how different it is possible to feel. We look forward to meeting you and explaining how we can help you move past your challenges, and get back to living every day “under the radar.”

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