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Get the scoop on digital eyes

digital irises

Many artificial eye patients do not know that there are differences in quality of artificial eyes, and in the level of service they may get from their ocularist.

Our goal at Advanced Artificial Eyes is to communicate more directly with patients and serve an educational role. We believe it is important for patients to be fully aware of their options and of differences in quality of artificial eyes.

paperOne of the biggest changes in the artificial eye field occurring right now is digital technology. Digital may seem like it’s already part of the mainstream. Digital photos, for example, replaced film long ago. But in the ocularist field, the digital revolution is only just beginning. We believe digital manufacturing is the future of prosthetics. Whether they be eyes, legs, arms or ears, modern technology offers us tremendous advancements in quality and efficiency.

The office of John Stolpe expended a tremendous amount of energy and engineering know-how to take the infinite colors of the eye, and turn them into a reproducible system that is consistent and efficient time after time, over the 10 years we have been testing our techniques. Patients who have worn hand painted eyes for years try digital eyes and are amazed at the difference in quality.

digital prosthetic eye

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So, why is digital iris technology better than hand painted?

  • By separating color matching from the shaping process, we can spend much more time and energy on fitting you with a shape that is custom suited to your facial structure and, therefore, comfortable.

  • We digitally produce an eye color where the color is virtually an identical, mirror-image match to the color and detail of your natural eye.

  • Each iris we make is mathematically calculated from the iris diameter, to limbus, stroma, and collarette thickness, to pupil size.

  • Hand painting is arbitrarily measured with a brush, whereas we can measure the exact amount of color added and subtracted digitally on the computer.

  • Your color takes less time to make and refine versus waiting long periods for perfecting a hand painted eye.

  • Your color is reproducible time and time again versus hand painted irises where it is difficult to match and reproduce the same painted image color over and over. We have a database of over 10, 000 digital iris colors on file, and will keep an archive of your color on record in order to reproduce the same exact color for you in the future.

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