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Process of Creating the Best Eye Implant

Advanced Artificial Eyes provides the highest quality prosthetic eye service in Los Angeles. Ocularist John Stolpe creates the best eye implants. An eye implant is typically an acrylic piece that sits in the eye of a person who has suffered eye loss or eye trauma. Eye implants are made by ocularists, skilled professionals who specialize in the creation, fit and all other services related to artificial eyes.

People may seek out eye implants for a variety of reasons — they may have suffered trauma through an accident, eye loss due to disease, or perhaps they have an unsightly (not great looking) eye due to the way they were born. In all cases, an eye implant can help people look and feel more “normal,” and thereby help others to feel more comfortable around them as well.

There are several steps involved in creating an eye implant, the first of which is to visit an ocularist for a preliminary consultation. In many cases, ocularist services are covered by health insurance. The office of John Stolpe walks our patients through exactly what is involved in confirming coverage. During this consultation, the ocualrist will evaluate a patient’s particular situation and the type of implant that may help them. In some cases, they may need a full spherical piece to fill an ocular socket, while in other cases, the person simply needs a “scleral shell” to fit over an existing eye.

The second step of creating an eye implant is taking an impression of the socket. Some patients find this step difficult. An eye implant is much like a dental implant, with a mold taken, except it occurs in the ocular socket. Your ocularist will walk you through exactly how to prepare and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible for this crucial step in the process.

Next, we match the iris of the implant to the iris of the existing eye. At the office of John Stolpe, we are pioneering the integration of digital technology into ocularistry, which allows us to achieve extremely precise matching and natural appearance of an iris, time after time. Some ocualrists still paint irises by hand — a well respected and skilled craft to master. However, because the human hand is involved, it is virtually impossible to achieve an exactly precise match. Using digital technology, we create some of the best irises in the business. Read more about the manufacture of digital irises for eye implants here. The veining pattern is matched in the eye implant using tiny, red silk threads.

The next, crucial part of the eye implant creation process is perfecting the fit of the piece. This may occur over just a couple of visits, or may take longer. Your ocularist should not be satisfied with anything but the absolute best possible fit for you, which achieves the best range of movement as well. It is important to keep in mind that achieving the best possible piece for you may sometimes involve minor, elective oculoplastic surgery, either before or after the fitting takes place. For this reason, it is important to select an ocularist who has good relationships with other ocular professionals, and can communicate with them throughout the delicate process of creating your ideal piece.

Once your eye implant is ready, you should stay in touch with your ocularist in regards to care and cleaning of your piece. In most cases, a modern acrylic eye implant does not need to come out of the eye more than a few times per year.

We look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss how we may help you achieve a more “under the radar,” normal and comfortable life. Please contact the office of John Stolpe today!

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