What is a Fake Eye?

Information on Fake Eyes

fake eyesA fake eye or artificial eye can help a patient who has lost an eye, or suffered eye damage, get back to living a “normal,” happy life. The office of John Stolpe prides ourselves on making some of the best fake eyes in los angeles.

John Stolpe comes from 3 generations of ocularists who have been pioneers in the field. John’s grandfather worked as an ocularist for the US Army during WWII, and was instrumental in developing modern day acrylic eyes, as opposed to the more outdated glass. Acrylic fake eyes have several advantages over glass. First, a fake eye cannot shatter. Second, they can be custom fit precisely to a patient’s individual anatomy. And third, a fake eye can be fit with a digital iris.

John Stolpe carries his grandfather’s legacy of innovation forward by incorporating the highest quality digital technology into his practice. Currently he creates some of the best irises available anywhere with digital technology honed over years of hard work. While digital technology has already entered many other fields, such as photography, it has been slower to enter the field of ocularistry. However we believe that digital is the future of our field as it simply makes a better product for patients. We are working with other ocularists now to spread our technology more widely.

When patients come into our office, they notice the difference in our approach. We are personable, full of integrity and extremely empathetic. With 2 ocularist patients on staff, we understand well how difficult and traumatic it can be to cope with monocular vision. But we also know firsthand that it IS possible to overcome these difficulties and move forward in life with confidence.

Consultation for a Fake Eye

Get a Free Fake Eye Consultation

The first step in creating your fake eye is an initial consultation. Every patient is different, and based on your precise situation we will recommend a plan that is right for you. The second step in creating a fake eye is taking an eye impression. Some patients find this step to be the most uncomfortable. It is very similar to taking a dental impression, except it occurs in your ocular socket. Not to worry, though — your ocularist will make sure you are prepared and comfortable during the procedure.

We then create a shape for your piece, and fit in with one of our digital irises that replicates your other eye with extreme accuracy. We duplicate the veining pattern of your eye using tiny silk threads. And then we embark on the shape refinement process. This process may take only a couple of visits, or it may take more. Your ocularist will not be satisfied until you are as comfortable as possible.

Fake Eye Surgery

Surgery for Fake Eye in Los Angeles

Finally, your ocularist may recommend elective surgery either before or after your fitting in order to get the most natural fit and movement possible. It is important that your ocularist have excellent relationships with oculoplastic surgeons, as the surgery/fitting process is a delicate one requiring a well conceived plan. Based in the Los Angeles area, John Stolpe has these relationships with some of the top fake eye and medical specialists in the world.

We invite you to set up an appointment today to explain how we can help you get back to living a normal, happy life.

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