Finding the Best Ocularist

How to find the Best Ocularist in Los Angeles, CA

Finding the Best Ocularist in Los Angeles can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when trying to find the best ocularist. These include but are not limited to:

  • Experience – How long and how well does an ocularist know their craft?
  • Quality of Work – How effective is an ocularist at fitting? What about color matching?
  • Relationships with other specialists – Often fitting an artificial eye involves a whole team of specialists. Does your ocularist have the right relationships?
  • Approach or bedside manner – Is your ocularist a kind and caring professional?
  • Integrity – Does your ocularist truly have your best interests in mind in all that he or she does?
  • Cost – Will you be offered top notch work and offered a reasonable cost for prosthetic eye? Will the office assist you with insurance matters?

On all of the above counts, Ocularist John Stolpe, in Los Angeles, offers the best ocularist work. 

The Best Los Angeles Ocularist Available

Advanced Artificial Eyes Ocularist John Stolpe

los angeles ocularistJohn Stolpe comes from 3 generations of ocularists and draws upon his family’s legacy of innovation in his own practice. His grandfather helped pioneer the evolution of the artificial eye away from glass and to modern day acrylic, when he was serving as a medic in WWII. Acrylic has several advantages over the glass eye that was previously commonly used. First, unlike glass, acrylic cannot shatter. Second, acrylic can be custom fit easily to sit comfortably in any socket. And third, acrylic can be fit with a digital iris.

John continues his grandfather’s legacy of innovation today by pushing the field of ocularistry further even more. He offers cutting edge digital technology, which creates the highest quality irises available. This digital technology allows us to match colors, with an extreme degree of accuracy, to an existing eye. We are also able to do so time and time again, with excellent results for every piece. Having mastered the “visual art” component of the eye, we can focus even more on fit and movement, in order to create the most natural looking piece possible. Read more about our ocularist work manufacturing digital irises here.

John has excellent relationships with other ocular specialists, which is crucial when pursuing the perfect solution. Sometimes, the ideal piece will involve a combination of a custom piece, with elective oculoplastic surgery. John is in a position to advise on if, and when, a patient should pursue additional surgery, and our office is geographically perfectly positioned in Southern California, with access to some of the world’s top ocular specialists.

Above all, John Stolpe, and his entire staff, pride themselves on their empathy and integrity. Two of the team members at Advanced Artificial Eyes are patients of John’s who suffered severe eye trauma themselves. They joined John in his practice because they know firsthand that he is able to help people get back to living normal, “under the radar” lives. Together, we pride ourselves on working hard to achieve the best solution for YOU – not the solution that is fastest, most expensive, or cheapest (as the case may be), but what will help you most in your journey of living your life happily. We invite you to set up a consultation today to learn how we can help you regain comfort, confidence and joy in everything you do.

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