Depending on how customized your iris is, this will dictate the cost of your digital iris. Please contact us for pricing.

We are passionate about offering the most efficient and highest quality solutions to ALL patients, whether or not they are in the Los Angeles area.

Our digital technology is available at select
Certified Irises Unlimited Remote Locations:

Denver, CO: Walter Johnson

Portland, OR: Fred Harwin

Ontario, Canada: Darren Hall

New York & Connecticut: Mager & Gougleman

Fort Worth, TX: Donny Franklin

Hyderabad, India: Kuldeep Raizada

Montreal, Quebec: Francois Durette

Alpharetta, GA: Tal Cox

Thomsonplein 19, 2565 KV Den Haag, Netherlands: Frederique Bak, Oculariste:


Louise Boucher, BCO and Jean-Francois Durette, BCO
Montreal Ocular Prosthetic Inc.
1170 Henri-Bourassa East
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2C 1G4
Tel: (514) 381-1849

Louise Caouette, BCO and Jean-Francois Durette, BCO
Quebec Ocular Prosthetic Inc.
2591 Laurier Blvd.
Quebec, QC Canada G1V 2L3
Tel: (418) 654-0130

We are rapidly adding other ocularists to this roster and soon hope to make digital irises available around the world.  


Would you like us to make you a digital iris, and take it back to your own ocularist for the fitting?

Not a problem. If you would like us to create an iris for you and go back to your ocularist and have him or her fit it, this is something we can do.