Imitation Among Ocularists is a Sincere Form of Flattery

Plagiariam Advanced Artificial Eyes photo It was recently brought to our attention at Advanced Artificial Eyes that a hospital in Sri Lanka, Roseth Hospital, is using an image of one of our digital iris patients to advertise its prosthetic eye service. We are opposed to plagiarism of any kind. But rather than feel peeved, we view this as a sincere form of genuine flattery. Our collaborative approach makes us very open to working with other professionals in the prosthetic eye field, anywhere they may be in the world. Our ultimate goal is to help as many patients as possible live “normal,” “under the radar” lives.

The only possible hesitation we may have in the case of this photo use is if Roseth Hospital is unable to deliver on the promise of quality that the photo embodies. We invite prosthetic eye professionals all over the world to reach out to us and inquire about our digital iris system. We are committed to making our technology available and affordable anywhere that there may be need.

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