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There are many factors to consider when choosing an ocularist in Los Angeles or anywhere. These include but are not limited to:

  • Experience – How long and how well does an ocularist know their craft?
  • Quality of Work – How effective is an ocularist at fitting? What about color matching?
  • Relationships with other specialists – Often fitting an artificial eye involves a whole team of specialists. Does your ocularist have the right relationships?
  • Approach or bedside manner – Is your ocularist a kind and caring professional?
  • Integrity – Does your ocularist truly have your best interests in mind in all that he or she does?
  • Cost – Will you be offered top notch work at a reasonable cost? Will the office assist you with insurance matters?

Best Ocularist Work in Los Angeles, CA

On all of the above counts, the office of John Stolpe offers the best ocularist work in Los Angeles. 

Ocularist with artificial eye patient

John’s experience is wide ranging and deep. He comes from 3 generations of ocularists — in fact his grandfather, Frederick Lewis, pioneered the field of ocularistry while serving in the United States Army during WWII. He was instrumental in the evolution of artificial eyes from glass eyes to acrylic.

Today, John continues his grandfather’s ocularist legacy of innovation by offering the absolute cutting edge in the quality of his artificial eyes. John is currently pioneering the manufacture of digital irises and believes that this will revolutionize the field of ocularistry, allowing more people with 1 eye, or an unsightly eye, to go about society unnoticed. He also does not stop until he achieves the absolute best possible fit for his patients so that they have an extremely natural appearance.

John Stolpe Advanced Artificial Eyes – Los Angeles Ocularist

John is a Los Angeles based Ocularist that has excellent relationships with many oculoplastic surgeons, anaplastologists, ophthalmologists, and the rest of the professionals sometimes involved in helping a patient who has lost an eye. Sometimes, getting the best possible solution for an artificial eye involves surgery either before, or after a fitting, or in some combination.

John Stolpe has relationships with oculplastic surgeons across Los Angeles and the rest of the Southern California region means he can guide his patients to the best solution in the delicate combination of surgery and fitting.

John has a staff in his office who are all deeply committed to their patients and achieving the best, most affordable result possible. They will help with all aspects of the work, from insurance to follow-ups. In fact, 2 of John’s staff members — Savannah and JJ — are also his patients. Take a look at the los angeles ocularist testimonial by JJ.

Los Angeles Ocularist – John Stolpe

John is very proud of his approachable nature. From his old patients to the youngest, he gets along with anyone who happens to walk into his office. John is a passionate ocularist approaching the middle of his career. He is unjaded, energetic and deeply believes in his profession. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than knowing he has helped improve someone’s life for the better.

Above all, John is a professional of complete integrity and always has the best interests of his patients in mind. John will guide you to the right solution for you — not what’s cheapest, not what’s easiest, not what’s most expensive…but what is best. This is the pledge he makes to his patients.

We hope you will contact us today to find out how we can help, and let us be your Los Angeles Ocularist!

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