Patent #9,517,650 Digital Iris

John Stolpe’s Digital Iris Patent

December 2016 we received our us patent which was filed 3.5 years ago. Our iris reproduction is digital and brings us control and precision like never before. We have perfected the creation of the human iris in artificial eyes. Once an iris is made for a person it never needs to be repainted allowing the ocularist to focus on the shape and finishing of the prosthetic eye, and this is a game changer! Years of practice painting human irises is no longer necessary in making the finest artificial eyes.

Our digital irises are the newest technology in our industry and with over 20,000 sold, we are changing things for Ocularists. Unlike our competitors who claim proprietary technology, which basically means trust us we have something but we won’t talk about it, we have technology validated by the us patent office.

Read about our patented technology:


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