Preparing for your Eye Impression

Learn about Preparation for Eye Impression

preparing for eye impressionPreparing for your Eye Impression? Taking an impression of an eye socket is very similar to having your teeth molded by your dentist. An Ocularist will use the same alginet material, which is mixed into a gel consistency and slowly poured over the eye or eye socket.

Generally, taking an impression is not a painful process — however, it can be uncomfortable. The most important thing to remember is to breathe, relax and not overthink the process. Since 2012, we have started using a new alginet impression material, which sets in about 1 minute, making the procedure much quicker and more comfortable.

There is no need for alternate transportation like you might have during a surgery. You will walk out of the office of John Stolpe just as you came in — perhaps a little more relieved that the procedure is over!

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