Digital Iris for Patients

Fitting an Existing Prosthesis with Better Prosthetic Eye Colors

prosthetic eye colorsThere are instances where someone may be happy with the fit of their prosthetic eye, but they don’t love the prosthetic eye colors.  Perhaps the iris looks grainy, or it is low resolution where brush strokes are visible. In these cases, the textural difference draws attention to the prosthesis, making it look different from the remaining eye. In these cases, we can duplicate the shape of an existing prosthesis if the patient is happy with it, but replace it with an iris that is second to none. We feel that the use of the digital technology might be very beneficial to patients displeased with the artistic qualities of their prosthesis. And we achieve these excellent results time and time again using cutting edge technology that we have pioneered in our office.

The question is always asked in ocularistry whether we  are more artistic or more technical. Some ocularists feel that the advances in digital technology take the artistry out of ocularistry. We disagree. Our feeling in the office of John Stolpe is that to be a great ocularist, one must be both artistically minded and extremely technically proficient. In our office, we feel we are offering the most high tech artificial eye available, with the biggest change in artificial eyes in the last 80 years (since acrylic took over glass eyes) a digital iris that is extremely similar to a living eye.

Quality Prosthetic Eye Colors for Patients

Patients often come to our office telling us stories about having been all over the world, searching out the best possible artificial eye. After so much refinement, they may have gotten to a point where they were happy with a fit, but not satisfied with the complete package because the iris doesn’t look just right. We bring an enormous benefit to these patients by giving them the most realistic looking iris possible, and pairing it with a shape that they are happy with after working with other ocularists who are equally talented. The thanks that we’ve received for ending the struggle to finally have a natural, artificial eye that is both comfortable and unapparent to society are truly overwhelming.

We like to say in our office that our goal is get people “under the radar” so that they are unnoticed by society. They no longer have to hide between hair or dark glasses or be ashamed or embarrassed about their appearance. Often we can achieve this result by pairing our unique digital iris technology, for a better prosthetic eye color, with the existing shape that a patient has worked hard to achieve.

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