How much does a Prosthetic Eye cost?

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prosthetic eye costMany patients ask, what is the Prosthetic Eye Cost? The prosthetic eye cost can range greatly. However, the cost should be related to the amount of time involved in the manufacture of the Prosthetic Eye. Is the ocularist painting the iris by hand, or using digital techniques? Digital technology can cut down greatly on the amount of time involved in producing a prosthetic eye. In addition, digital technology raises the quality of the piece.

Another factor in determining Prosthetic Eye cost is what is the condition of the existing eye or socket? The cost of complex treatment over several months and possibly including surgery and travel, can range in the high thousands of dollars. However, the cost varies greatly based on the time and materials involved.

It is important to note that some ocularists cut corners. They may try to keep prices down in a fashion that is not ultimately in the patient’s best interest. A few methods like this include drawing veins patterns with a pencil. Less expensive alginet, which degrades over time, may be used to take impressions. Using stock generic irises is another method to cut corners. Stock or generic shapes of prosthetic eyes may also be used.

Prosthetic Eye Cost from John Stolpe

Cost of Prosthetic Eye in Los Angeles

In our office, we understand the importance of the eye. Therefore, we take no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of the Prosthetic Eye. For example, using our digital techniques enables us to create the most efficient and highest quality eyes. We work with you to make sure you understand the costs and help you get our work covered by insurance.

A custom Prosthetic Eye includes hand laying silk threads into the piece, which looks exactly like a human eye. Furthermore, every eye that Ocularist John Stolpe creates is digitally custom.

Firstly, we start with a custom impression for every piece and then modify to get your exact shape. Secondly, we use silicone to take your eye impression which does not degrade over time. This is so we can refer back to the mold and modify to make more precise. We use the highest quality separators to separate your piece from the mold. Fresh water is used on every eye to try to reduce contamination. In conclusion, there is no end to how far we are willing to go to make the highest quality Prosthetic Eye. Our process is constantly being refined to the latest techniques and materials available.

It is possible to bring down the cost for custom eyes by using digital manufacturing techniques. For example, digital technology used by an experienced ocularist creates an excellent custom eye. Above all, a custom eye that is also very cost effective.

Prosthetic Eye Cost Consultation

Free Consultation for Prosthetic Eye Cost in Los Angeles

We offer a free prosthetic eye cost consultation to determine the exact cost of your artificial eye. Please do not hesitate to set up your free consultation by calling our office.

You may also read about what insurance we accept for Prosthetic Eyes. We look forward to meeting you soon to explain how we may help you get back to living your life.

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