How long does a Prosthetic Eye Last?

Learn how long does a prosthetic lasts

how long does a prosthetic eye lastHow long does a prosthetic eye last? It depends. Based on the type of eye and the materials that are used, the fit, and the age and health of the patient, the lifespan of a prosthetic eye can vary drastically.
Glass eyes must be replaced yearly, whereas acrylic eyes can last up to 30 years. In a healthy adult who regularly cleans and maintains the prosthesis, an acrylic prosthetic will last the longest. For younger patients, it’s recommended that the prosthetics be changed every 3-6 months. In an unhealthy patient, or a patient whose body is changing due to age, health, weight or other factors, an acrylic prosthesis should be adjusted or remanufactured as those changes occur. A Board Certified Ocularist is the best person to undertake this evaluation and make recommendations on the proper treatment.

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