What is a Scleral Shell?

Learn about Scleral Shells creation process:

A scleral cover shell is a bit like a thicker contact lens that usually fit over existing eyes. Scleral shells can help those who have suffered serious eye trauma injury. Unlike contact lenses, scleral shells cover the entire eye not just the iris so any unsightly defect can be hidden behind the scleral shell.

Firstly, in creating a scleral shell, there will be a preliminary consultation. Each person’s unique situation will be evaluated by an Ocularist. An eye may be sensitive after trauma. As a result, we will touch the eye with a q-tip to gauge sensitivity. We do this prior to proceeding with an impression. Secondly, we take an impression of the eye. This is much like a dental impression taken at an orthodontist’s office. However, in this case the impression is taken in the ocular cavity. Many people find the impression to be the most uncomfortable part of the process. But, we will walk you through how to prepare properly so that you are as comfortable as possible. New silicone impression material can be used for most patients. As a result, it makes it much more comfortable while minimizing inflammation compared to traditional impression material such as alginate.

Scleral Shell with Patented Digital Iris Dilating Pupil Technology

Learn about the Highest Quality Scleral Shells

At the office of John Stolpe, the digital iris we create is one of the highest quality irises available on the market. We are proud to be pioneering the manufacture of digital irises in the Ocularist field. We do this by using an extremely high quality digital camera to replicate with great fidelity a patient’s existing eye. We incorporate our patented technology to give you the finest iris available.

The patient’s veining pattern is reproduced from a high resolution photo of the patients eye using red silk threads, not colored pencils. We work on refining the shape of the scleral shell, sometimes, over the course of several meetings. Most importantly, when we are done you will have an extremely natural looking scleral shell. Our goal is to create a shell that ideally mimics the movement of the seeing eye.

We have been pioneering work in manufacturing digital irises for scleral shells for decades.

Scleral Shells Fitting Process

Learn about the fitting process with Scleral Shells:

It is important to be aware that the fitting process can sometimes be very complex. However, in some cases the assistance of an ophthalmologist is necessary. For example, it may be necessary to prescribe medications so the eye is stable to proceed with the fitting of the scleral shell. To achieve the best result, the fitting of a scleral shell may sometimes involve elective surgery. In other words, to get the absolutely ideal fit, a patient may have their eyelid lifted by an Oculoplastic surgeon. This process would be done after the scleral shell fitting. For this reason, it is important to select an Ocularist who has excellent, established relationships with other skilled ocular professionals. Getting the best fit for a scleral shell is often a team effort. Advanced Artificial Eyes prides to keep close relationships with a wide range of consummate professionals.