Ditte Wolff
John Stolpe is dependable, responsible, professional and he’s a human being. I appreciate his constant search for more knowledge to expand his understanding of the field. Beyond that he treats people like individuals. So many doctors just want you in the office and out. John is concerned with doing the very best job, beyond what I would have even understood was necessary.


I am truly amazed by the sophisticated technology you have brought together to make my replacement eye — and with all the detail and perfectly matching color that goes completely un-noticed. I have been able to resume my life and career virtually as though nothing happened.


I lived with a damaged blind eye for many years and got used to people being reluctant to accept me when I first met them. After John made a new piece for me, I immediately saw how people’s first impressions changed, and how it has given me an opportunity to relate to people before being judged just for my appearance.


John made me an eye that looks exactly like my natural eye. He takes the time and effort to exact the fit, the gaze, the size, the color. He won’t quit until everything is perfect. I was totally included in every step to make sure we were both not only happy, but thrilled about the piece. I feel privileged to wear a John Stolpe eye.


You truly make a difference in people’s lives with your dedication, patience and understanding. I recognize you put in a lot of extra time for me and I could not be happier with the result. Everyone I see uses “perfect” to describe what you have done for me.


John- 1st Grade
I like my new eyes so well . . . I want to give one to my Sister and my Dad.


Brett – 5th Grade
My teacher asked everyone in class to write a story about someone who is their hero . . .and I wrote a story about you because you’re my hero for fixing my eye.


After losing my eye to disease, I honestly thought I would never be able to look straight at anybody ever again. But with the perfectly normal appearance of the new eye you made for me I never even give it a second thought because nobody ever notices.