Digital Artificial Eye

Digital Artificial Eyes are the Future of Ocularistry

Digital Irises What is a Digital Artificial Eye? It may seem as though digital technology is already mainstream. Digital photos, for example, replaced film long ago and photocopying replaced copying by hand. In the Ocularist field, the digital revolution started with our concept nearly 20 years ago. We believe digital manufacturing is the future of prosthetics. We have made huge advacements with the Digital Iris, our patented system allows us to make highly detailed irises which are far superior to hand painted irises for Ocularists and patients around the world.

Digitally producing an iris using our intricate process of finely adjusting our iris on each rendition helps us produce an iris that is a virtual match to the patient’s eye. This iris can be easily reproduced and subtly to give the patient the most excellent result achievable.

The office of John Stolpe has expended a tremendous amount of energy and engineering know how to take the infinite colors of the eye, and turn them into a reproducible system that is consistent and efficient time after time. We have been testing our techniques for over 20 years and are confident that we make the absolute best irises available anywhere.

Digital Irises for Ocularists

We are pushing our Digital Iris technology forward dramatically by reaching out to other Ocularists and our digital technology to them. Our iris boards cover the largest possible range of the population. We also offer ocularists a selection of irises from among the thousands in the library we have created over the years and may produce custom irises for ocularists around the world. Using irises from our board, any Ocularist may specify a custom iris they would like, such as the limbus from B4254-5, but the collarette from B4447-1 but just a few points lighter.

By sharing this technology, the digital revolution in Ocularistry will make patients tremendously happy, but also help the Ocularist in making higher quality, more cost effective prosthetic eyes. The Digital Iris will help the Ocularist focus on fit and shape rather than spending the most time handpainting an iris and risk losing their time and effort if there is a complication with the prosthesis.

Having mastered digital coloration, which was said to be impossible, our next step is pushing research in CAD-CAM manufacturing of artificial eyes. Furthermore, we hope that with CAD-CAM manufacturing, the integration of electronics into ocular prosthetics will change the field even more dramatically. We look forward to continuing our legacy of innovation by pushing forward these emerging fields and technologies and eagerly anticipate the developments that come along from our technologies being implemented worldwide.

Beyond the excitement of pushing forward our field, we are excited about the future because of what it means for our patients. All of these innovations, starting with our digital artificial eyes, will greatly increase the number of artificial eye patients who can walk out of their Ocularist’s office happy.

We invite you to set up an appointment today to learn how digital artificial eyes can help you live your life normally and truly “under the radar.”

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