What is a Dilating Pupil?

Learn about how Dilating Pupils Work

dilating pupil ocularist john stolpeWe all know that pupils in the center of our eyes change size depending how bright the lighting is.

If a person wears an artificial eye, only the natural eye’s pupil gets bigger and smaller as the lighting changes — and the pupil in the artificial eye stays the same size all the time.

Prosthetic eye makers have talked for decades about the ultimate possibility of placing a pupil inside the artificial eye that appears to grow in size under low lighting — just as a natural pupil does – and then appear small as the lighting becomes bright. Thanks to digital technology, and our many years of experience in making digitally color-matched eye colors that go completely un-detected, we have done it. The dilating pupil artificial eye is here – and you will see it happening in the next 20 seconds…

Digitally Created Dilating Pupil Appearance

Does the Dilating Pupil change with lighting?

What you are about to see is the appearance of a digitally created artificial dilating pupil repeatedly getting larger and smaller as the lighting level changes. Watch as the lighting on her face gradually dims and the natural eye pupil on the left becomes larger – the artificial eye pupil on the right follows – appearing to get larger and smaller as the lighting changes.

The video below was taken with an Apple cell phone by the patient with no gimmicks whatsoever. The effect you are seeing is a custom digital illusion which we create for your artificial eye in our laboratory in Los Angeles.

If you wear a prosthetic eye, we can add a dilating pupil effect into your next prosthesis, along with matching your natural eye color to virtual perfection so nobody ever notices. Years of collaboration w/ Fred Harwin has merged his artistic abilities/skills w/ our technical skills to create the digital dilating pupil.

Patent-Pending Digital Dilating Pupil

Learn more about our Patent-Pending Digital Dilating Pupil

Generations of ocularists and their patients have long talked about having an ocular prosthesis with a natural appearance of a changing pupil size from bright light conditions to dim-or-dark conditions. Until now, no one has achieved this long-sought-after realistic, natural appearance in an artificial eye.

At Advanced Artificial Eyes, we are in the final stage of demonstrating a patent-pending digital dilating pupil/collarette which creates the natural appearance of being a small diameter under bright lighting conditions, and gradually increasing in diameter as lighting gradually darkens.

At this stage of development, we are testing our new dilating pupil in conjunction with as many different digital artificial eye colors as possible, with actual patients who have a passionate interest in wearing an eye with a dilating pupil.

If you are soon going to be ready for a new prosthesis, we would be pleased to make your next eye with one of our dilating pupils.